Acrostical Psalm 111

He sent redemption to his people; he has commanded his covenant forever. Holy and awesome is his name. (Psalm 111:9)

ALL hail the Lord, hearts all assembled–
BLESSED by God bountifully, now bless him with pleasure.
CAREFUL his creations, crafted for triumph
DESTINED for recall, decked with compassion.
EARNESTLY providing, forever remembering,
FAITHFULLY God furnishes food for his people.
GREAT is his governance, God’s will for the world
HOLY his handiwork, hewn with uprightness.
I remember his redemption, I recollect his holiness.

ALL hail our Lord, hear all his wisdom.

I wrote the above poem, based on Psalm 111’s acrostic form, as well on Anglo-Saxon prosody, but I probably should have just referenced this quotation by Kari Jo Verhulst, from Jim Wallis’s weblog, pointed out to me by Jeff Hare of Church of the Sojourners:

The Psalms defy our notions of profane and sacred, proving that everything we feel, witness, do unto others, and have done to us is acceptable subject matter for conversing with the Divine. They invite us to bring every part of ourselves into our houses of worship. If we omit expressions of faith lost, of rage, of disdain, and of the desire for revenge, we leave parts of ourselves at the door.