You had to be there

Who was Jesus Christ?

… as to his human nature [he] was a descendant of David, and who through the Spirit of holiness was declared with power to be the Son of God; by his resurrection from the dead: Jesus Christ our Lord. (Romans 1:3-4)

Paul describes three important facts in the salvation history of the world about Jesus:

  1. He was human, a Jew of David’s line
  2. He is divine, declared the Son of God by God the Father through God the Spirit (this declaration, we know from other scripture, was made at Jesus’s baptism by God)
  3. He is Lord, the one chosen and anointed to be so, clearly demonstrated by his returning to life after being murdered

These facts are substantiated through the eye-witness accounts of those who were there; those who knew his family (and thus his human and Jewish origins), those who were present at his baptism, and those who met Jesus after he died and returned to life. And, of course, even Paul had his own confrontation with the risen Jesus.

May the living Christ meet you today, and demonstrate his grace and lordship to you.

(See Article 2 of the Confession of Faith from a Mennonite Perspective, which treats the topic of who Jesus is).


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