No Tricks or Hidden Information Involved

“See, I set before you today life and prosperity, death and destruction.” (Deuteronomy 30:15 )

The essence of magic is misdirection. In a very simple magic trick the conjurer challenges his/her audience to find the small item (a small ball, a nut or some other small object) hidden underneath one of the three cups, shells, or other hollow object. And no matter how many times the guesser tries to guess where the item is hidden, they guess wrong. The reason? The item is never hidden under the object but is palmed by the conjurer. The essential knowledge needed to understand what is happening is hidden by the conjurer. God does not operate like that.

God sets out clearly and without misdirection what can be found in this life. If one searches for evil and sin, it can be found. If one searches for goodness and righteousness, it can be found. If one follows the round to death and destruction, one will get there. And if one follows the road to life and glory, one will get there also. The choice of which way one goes is up to each individual traveler.

Balthasar Hubmaier wrote, “See here, Christian reader, how bright and clear this Scripture shows us that God has freely entrusted to the human being anew also after the Fall the choice of evil and good, blessing and curse, life and death. So that even if the whole world said otherwise, heaven and earth would stand against it and testify openly on the last day before the judgment throne of Christ against all people that not God, but we ourselves, out of free will, are responsible for our sins and eternal damnation.”

May you, gentle reader, see what is clearly before you and make your choice accordingly. Selah!