Happy New Year of Peace!

This year’s “sips of scripture” will come from Melodie M. Davis’s 366 Ways to Peace, a perpetual calendar published by Herald Press (available at the Mennonite Publishing Network website). The calendar features short quotations on peace, and a scripture related to peace.

Melodie M. Davis has also been an encouraging voice to us at “a simple desire” over the years. As one of the editors at Mennonite Media with (I believe) editorial responsibility for Sip of Scripture, it could have been the case that she felt threatened by “a simple desire” and our attempts to comment on the daily scripture. Instead, she has been nothing but supportive of our efforts.

So, let us welcome in the new year with our minds, hearts, and actions directed towards peace!

About Will Fitzgerald

I work on recommendation systems and lexical resources for Wordnik.

One thought on “Happy New Year of Peace!

  1. Carole says:

    In order to bring more clarity to this situation, I wanted to add that the confusion came not from miscommunication amongst people, but automated systems that were using old information. And while today’s verses may have been unexpected, reading from God’s work is always worthwhile, as is pondering on them. May the peace of God which is shalom translate to smooth transitions both human and mechanical!


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