Peace in the household

“Sons are a heritage from the LORD, children a reward from him.” (Psalm 127:3 )

My “heritages” and “rewards” are driving me crazy! Or at least they did when they were young. And I am sure that is the experience of a lot of households. When parents and children are young each day seems to be a year long, but then the years fly by and you wonder where your “little ones” went. But then perhaps it is only in hindsight that you can appreciate those early years.

But I have to tell you, I am curious where the peace and shalom is, because there sure was not any when our children were little, and even now when they are older it is still not altogether peaceful. Maybe it is only when they are out on their own that the peacefulness comes to fruition.

At times I see peace, when we are together as a family; especially over the holidays there is a peacefulness in being together. Our family is a diverse gathering of people; our interests are independent from each other so it is a challenge to come together in unanimous activities, but we have our good times. And I do not regret or bemoan the fact that each one is different. In fact I am very pleased that each one of my children has the strength and courage to be their own person. God has blessed each one with different talents, and I take joy in that.

I do not know, gentle reader, what your household mix is, but I hope and pray that it is a joyful household with interesting times. And if not altogether peaceful now, may there be the hope and promise for God’s shalom in the days to come. Selah!