Holy Unity

“I in them and you in me.
May they be brought to complete unity
To let the world know that you sent me
And have loved them even as you have loved me.”
(John 17:23 )

Me in you and you in me.
God in all of us, a holy unity.

God who is creator, author of life.
Christ Messiah who saves us from strife.
And Holy Spirit, counselor for all,
As we live our our lives on this terrestrial ball.

Love that is special, love that’s divine;
Within love all humanity’s entwined.
For that love God gave us all that is good,
And teaches us to live as we should.

In holy unity then, let us live in shalom,
Bringing peace and justice wherever we roam.


As I read the verse for today, I was struck by the way the verse seemed to have an internal rhythm and rhyme. This verse is taken from the longer prayer in John that Jesus prayed over his disciples before his betrayal, trial, and crucifixion.
My poetry writing days are long behind me. But Will’s poem from a few days ago gave me the courage to try my hand at it too. Mine is what I would consider a bit of “doggerel” meaning clumsiness and forced rhymes. If you can look past that, I hope the message of our partnering with God for a holy purpose and unity comes through. Let it stand as an example of our human efforts to achieve peace versus our Lord God’s divine purpose and action. And may you strive to each day to work more fully in unity with our Lord God, Christ Messiah, and the Holy Spirit. Selah!