Catching up with Julian

For it has been granted to you on behalf of Christ not only to believe on him, but also to suffer for him.  (Philippians 1:29)

I think we should check in on dear Julian of Norwich, who knew, better than most, how to share in the sufferings of Jesus.

The Lord she loved showed her:

With a glad cheer our Lord looked unto His Side and beheld, rejoicing. With His sweet looking He led forth the understanding of His creature by the same wound into His Side within. And then he shewed a fair, delectable place, and large enough for all mankind that shall be saved to rest in peace and in love.

How sweet to think that the wound in Jesus’s side is a “fair, delectable place” which is “large enough for all mankind that shall be saved to rest in peace and love!”

And Jesus showed her:

Our good Lord Jesus Christ: Art thou well pleased that I suffered for thee? I said: Yea, good Lord, I thank Thee; Yea, good Lord, blessed mayst Thou be. Then said Jesus, our kind Lord: If thou art pleased, I am pleased: it is a joy, a bliss, an endless satisfying to me that ever suffered I Passion for thee; and if I might suffer more, I would suffer more.

How sweet to think that Jesus loves us so much that he would be willing to suffer even more greatly if he could; His joy and bliss was to serve us in his sufferings.

And Jesus showed her:

And here saw I verily that if He shewed now [to] us His Blissful Cheer, there is no pain in earth or in other place that should aggrieve us; but all things should be to us joy and bliss. But because He sheweth to us time of His Passion, as He bare it in this life, and His Cross, therefore we are in distress and travail, with Him, as our frailty asketh. And the cause why He suffereth [it to be so,] is for [that] He will of His goodness make us the higher with Him in His bliss; and for this little pain that we suffer here, we shall have an high endless knowing in God which we could never have without that. And the harder our pains have been with Him in His Cross, the more shall our worship be with Him in His Kingdom.

How sweet to think that each of our sufferings here on earth will allow us to worship Jesus even more fully in the fullness of his kingdom!

Really, I commend to you Julian’s Shewings, which are available in weblog format at