From heaven, with love

“To this John replied, “A man can receive only what is given him from heaven.’ ” (John 3:27 )

A story, not unlike Aesop’s Fables:

Many ages ago, gentle reader, the birds were receiving from the heavens their voices and their feathers. The peacock, wanting to get the best of everything, pushed to the head of the line and demanded first chance at all the colors and amount of feathers that he could get. And the Divine, knowing the peacock’s vanity would catch up with him, decided to allow the bird to have all he wanted.

The dove patiently waited for his turn, and said he was satisfied with what the Divine gave him. Meanwhile, the peacock preened and pranced around displaying his magnificent colors and feather. Many of the other birds were mesmerized by the sight of such a creature, and just stood around and watched. Because the dove had been so patient, the Divine allowed the dove to be first to pick the voice he wanted.

When the peacock finally got to the line for voices, there were no light twittering bird voices left, and so he had to take a voice that screamed and whined. And using this voice, he complained to the Divine that it was not fair that such a magnificent bird got such an awful voice while a dove with plain colors got a soothing “cooing” voice. The peacock demanded that he be given the best voice to go with the best plumage.

The Divine reminded the peacock he had decided what was more important to him, and the dove had settled for what was available to him and that would not be taken from him. All the other birds had accepted what was given to them according to what they considered to be important. So the peacock would just have to learn to live with the choices he made. But, as we know, the peacock can sometimes still be heard complaining.

God knows the heart and spirit of all of us. With love and compassion, God calls us to the place and tasks in live that best suit our natures. If we place ourselves in the Lord’s hands and accept what the Lord’s feels is best for us, our lives will be in accordance with God’s plan and desire for all of creation. But if we insist on our own way, we may get it but it may not satisfy us and we may lose more than we win.

May you gentle reader, as John the Baptist and the dove did, settle for the place and life calling that the Divine has given you. Selah!