The year that changed the world

“God looks down from heaven on humankind to see if there are any who are wise, who seek after God.” (Psalm 53:2 NRSV )

I was thinking recently about the impact that Christ made on the culture and times he lived in. Christ’s way of living and caring for people was radically different from those of his peers. And I was reminded by a sermon I heard recently that the prophets who prophesied previous to Christ’s coming tried to tell the people of their times that such a leader was coming. And I thought what a difference it would make if Christ had come to our contemporary society, and how his message of loving, caring, and salvation would make such a difference. Because, I thought, it sometimes seems that don’t carry that message of caring and redemption with them.

But then I thought, contemporary society has recognized and incorporated Christ in ways that it has not realized. The most immediate example I could think of was the way we count the passing of the years. Christ’s birth set the standard for the years; of course, many scholars say that it is a few years off. And it is no longer stated Before Christ, but Before [the] Common Era. And Anno Domini meaning the Year of the Lord has been replaced with CE meaning Common Era. But these changes have not been adapted by all people. And for many, many years BC and AD were the standards.

But think about; even though the change was made to accommodate non-Christian anthropologists and others, the numbering of the years stands. Even though they may not recognize the significance of that “pivotal year”, they have by taciturn agreement accept that SOMETHING happened that changed how civilizations reckon time.

So I am comforted that even in the midst of violence, suffering, and war there is an undercurrent of acknowledgment of Christ. We all know that there is something within us and far beyond us that is greater then ourselves. How we name it and how we acknowledge differs greatly, to the point that the actions of some try to work against it. But it is there.

May you gentle reader be wise, beyond the wise of those who claim perfect knowledge. May you seek God, seeing the Divine for what it was, what it is, and what it always will be. Selah!