What Does It Mean To Be Saved? Quoting a good authority

“If you know that [God] is righteous, you know that everyone who does what is right has been born of him.” (1 John 2:29 )

Gentle reader, the posting for Nov 5th was the posting were I talked about my surgery. And because I write so far ahead, the evening that I am writing this post for Nov 11th is/was actually the day of my surgery – which by the way went easily and something, and my recovery is going very well thank. But I am tired. And since this is a verse that is challenging to write about in depth, I am using a portion of what Albert Barnes wrote about it.

I discovered the writings of Albert Barnes as I looked at different websites that post scripture passages. The Online Parallel Bible is a remarkable site that has a wide variety of translations, and well as a Greek/English Interlinear translation that connects to Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance. You can find the commentaries by Albert Barnes there as well as a host of other commentators. But Barnes is my favorite.

Barnes says, “if we are righteous, in the true and proper sense, doing that which is right toward God and toward people, to ourselves, to our families, to our neighbors, to the world at large, to the Saviour who died for us, then we are true Christians; and then, no matter how soon he may appear, or how solemn and overwhelming the scenes that shall close the world, we shall not be ashamed or confounded, for we shall hail him as our Saviour, and rejoice that the time has come that we may go and dwell with him forever.”

If I had the energy, I would have said much the same thing. In fact, I might at some point in the future take inspiration from what he and tackle this passage another time on another occasion. But for now I will borrow his words and gladly give him credit.

May you gentle reader praise God for the righteousness that is our God’s alone and do all and only what is righteous in our God’s eyes. Selah!

About Carole Boshart

I have blog called "Pondering From the Pacific" and it is based on my reflections on the world - sometimes religious/spiritual, and sometimes not so much. Some days roll along smoothly and some days are like rocky shale. But always I cling to my faith . . . . and my sense of humor!

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