SET YOUR MIND ON THE SPIRIT . . . Still and Again

“To set the mind on the flesh is death, but to set the mind on the Spirit is life and peace.” (Romans 8:6 from Romans 8:1-17 )

Last time I wrote on this verse, it was an election year. Now we are in the year after an election. And have just come through a stand off between the two major political parties in the United States. Opinions this year have become more volatile than five years ago, and even from one year ago. Criticisms of the government have become more vocal and more “mudslinging” with each successive year. The next three years, I fear, will see more heated opinions and more derogatory comments. I do not look forward to it, and wish fervently that I would not have to hear, read, or see those comments.

Five years ago the posting for this verse was one of the first of my statements about being intentional about not being pulled in to political matters. I have have repeated those sentiment so often, it would be useless repetition to direct you to it gentle reader. I could exhort you to set your minds on spiritual matters as Paul exhorted his Roman readers. But again, that would be repetition. So what can I say that is new? You know, of course, to keep you mind on the Spirit and spiritual things is the way of peace. And the way to right relationship, justification, shalom. You know these things because the Spirit tells you, the bible tells you, ministers and preachers tell you, and last of all, I tell you. So . . . do you?

It occurs to me . . . especially when I look back five years ago . . . that I have written copiously on spiritual matters, faith issues etc. Some evenings I say “I don’t want to write!” And I wonder what more I could say?! But something draws me to read the scripture, and once reading them, reflecting on them. And to write a few words or maybe just a title. Then a few more words. And before you know it, I have written yet another post. And I think . . . . maybe this is “life” and “peace” but not the way I thought life and peace would be.

By my count, there are 56 more days of right relationship, justice, and shalom focus. And then and new year with a new theme. But if the past 309 days have taught us anything, this triad of thought does not go away, but just goes by different terms. And so do the practices and disciplines that go with it. So . . . still and again, set your mind on the Spirit, and live in peace! Selah! And shalom for your day.