ENTRUST YOURSELF TO THE CREATOR . . . Sometimes easier said than done

“Therefore, let those suffering in accordance with God’s will entrust themselves to a faithful Creator, while continuing to do good.” (I Peter 4:19 from I Peter 4:12-19 )

If you read this verse in context you will see that God does not plan or instigate the suffering; the suffering happens because others who set them selves contrary to God cause God’s followers to suffer. Do not think for one moment, gentle reader, that God wants us to suffer.

But still, when we are suffering, it is hard to trust and entrust ourselves to God because it HURTS SO MUCH!!!!!! How can a God who is way up in heaven . . . set apart from creation . . . . and not suffering the Divine-self . . . . know what it is like to suffer down here??!!

One of the most profound verses in the entire bible is the verse . . . Jesus wept. The Divine-self cries, gentle reader. And cries, I am convinced, every time a part of creation suffers. That would mean, I imagine, that the Divine is constantly weeping. Which is not such a bad image to carry around when you are suffering. Kind of comforting, actually, to think that when we cry our human tears that God cries Divine tears.

Of course if you are bothered or shaken to think that God/Jesus Christ cries, then you should probably try to banish that image from your mind and carry on with your day.

But the bible said, Jesus wept. Moreover, Jesus wept because he saw his friends in pain. Jesus responded to the emotion of grief and hurt. Now Jesus being divine was able to alleviate the cause and reason for hurt, so it may not be totally applicable to your situation. But nonetheless, when you are hurt, Jesus wants to help you.

But since Jesus is not here on earth and cannot immediately and divinely stop the hurt, Jesus (and God) depend on US to help with the hurt. So actually, when you entrust yourself to the Creator what you are doing is trusting that God will provide comfort in human form. Which is our cue (those of us who witness the hurt and suffering) to step forward and offer comfort and what healing we can. Or perhaps even work at stopping the suffering. OR! Not allow the suffering to happen in the first place. Which brings us back around to right relationships . . . justice . . . and shalom.

May you gentle reader entrust and trust the Divine. And when you see suffering and hurt may you step forward to offer a word of comfort, a shoulder to lean on and any other assistance that you can. Selah! And shalom for your day.