PERSECUTION . . . Withstood through the Spirit

“He ransoms me unharmed from the battle waged against me, even though many oppose me. God, who is enthroned from of old, who does not change— he will hear them and humble them, because they have no fear of God. ” (Reference: Psalm 55:18 )

Oh! We are starting a new theme, and it caught me off guard! I was expecting more “Spirit”. But actually this new theme does relate back to the Spirit, because it was only through the strength of the Spirit that the historic Anabaptist were able to withstand the persecution that they were subjected to. And the Psalms, especially the Psalms of lament, are well matched to the historic Anabaptists. And you must understand beloved, if a historic Anabaptist was able to withstand torture and persecution without recanting faith, they considered themselves to be “unharmed.” Remember their perspective that the body/flesh may be sinful and weak, but the spirit/heart can remain intact and pure. Jesus said, and they read it, fear not the one who can hurt the body; but fear the one that can harm the soul/spirit. It is fearing God, reverencing God, and following God that was important to them.

I do not know what you face each day, beloved. But I pray that you will remain strong in your faith, and that the Spirit will be with you and minister to you. Selah!

About Carole Boshart

I have two blogs on WordPress. "A Simple Desire" which is based on the daily "Sips of Scripture" published and sent out by Third Way Cafe. "Pondering From the Pacific" is based on my reflections on the world - sometimes religious/spiritual, and sometimes not so much.

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