GOD IS NOT A RESPECTER OF PERSONS . . . But the Divine is a stickler for justice

He told them, “Consider carefully what you do, because you are not judging for man but for the LORD , who is with you whenever you give a verdict. Now let the fear of the LORD be upon you. Judge carefully, for with the LORD our God there is no injustice or partiality or bribery.” (Reference: 2 Chronicles 19:6-7 )

Hans Umlauft (historic Anabaptist) wrote in a letter concerning this passage, and a portion of it I repeat here; “Therefore take heed, O magistrates, what you do. King Jehoshaphat said in the Spirit of God to his judges, 2 Chron. 19:6ff: “You have not the office from men but of God and what you judge will come upon you. See to it that you have the fear of God and do everything diligently. There is no evil with God nor respect of persons nor requirement of myrrh and gifts.” Take care, take care, oh magistrates, that you do not pollute and wash your hands in the blood of the innocent.”

Of course Umlauft was slightly biased in believing that a judgment against the historic Anabaptists was spilling innocent blood. Not that I think he was wrong in that; but it is an example of presuming the Divine’s mind and perspective. The main point is, of course, that one should not judge as humanity does, but as the Divine does. And one should not let one’s self be influenced by monetary wealth, resources, or influence. Furthermore, an offer to give these things in exchange for a better judgment is also forbidden. I think that was King Jehosaphat’s message. I do not think much more needs to be said.

Beloved, remember my message of yesterday. Place along side it today’s additional message. Remember too, God is not a respecter of persons, but a Lover of humanity. Rest and take comfort in that. And be guided by God’s tenets and commandments. Selah!

About Carole Boshart

I have two blogs on WordPress. "A Simple Desire" which is based on the daily "Sips of Scripture" published and sent out by Third Way Cafe. "Pondering From the Pacific" is based on my reflections on the world - sometimes religious/spiritual, and sometimes not so much.

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