JUDGMENT . . . The difference between the spiritual person and the non-spiritual.

The spiritual man makes judgments about all things, but he himself is not subject to any man’s judgment. “ (Reference: 1 Corinthians 2:15 )

I had thought I would need to say something about this verse, and was pleased to since it is so short. Spiritual men and women do not judge each other, but accept each other. Each person had determined in their heart and with God what is Godly & spiritual wisdom and what is not. Thus determined they live out their live and allow others to live, sharing together in what is their common belief and worship. One who does not claim spirituality for themselves has no place in judging what is spiritual for their heart, soul, and mind have not been informed on spirituality.

But as has been my custom since the beginning of the year, I checked to see what was said by the historic Anabaptist for this day. It was Jacques D’Auchy. And to my delight the conversation reported between his accuser and himself illustrated precisely what I ended up saying. He reported the following:

On Friday afternoon, the 14th of January 1558, I was again brought before the inquisitor. I appeared before him, and he saluted me cheerfully, for, as much as I could perceive, wine had made him very merry; he brought no books with him. After we had exchanged a few words with each other, he said to me: “Jacques, the reason why I have come here, is simply to learn your decision: for I will no more dispute with you about the articles of faith, such as the mass, confession, indulgences, purgatory, and invocation of the saints, or other ordinances of our mother the holy church.” Jac. “My lord, I am well satisfied; I also do not seek to dispute, but simply to believe what we are bound to believe, as far as the articles of faith are concerned.” Inq. “Yes, we have not much to do with disputing; for Paul says: ‘A man that is a heretic, after the first and second admonition, avoid.’” Titus 3:10. Jac. “My lord, how can you reprove me for heresy, seeing you have not yet convicted me of being a heretic.” Inq. “Not? Are you not a heretic, since you contradict the Christ faith?” Jac. “I do not contradict the faith, for all my purpose tends to it; but you take one view of the Scriptures, and I another, and no one can judge which is right, and which is wrong, except spiritual men through the Spirit of God.” 1 Cor. 2:15. He laughingly asked me: “Have you the Spirit of God?” Jac. “My lord, you must not ask me this in jest; for I do not boast of it; nevertheless, I trust through the grace of God, that I am not actuated by the spirit of Satan.”

I could have, I suppose, just used what he said and add nothing to it. It would stand alone as a good testament and illustration. But I wanted to you to know clearly, beloved, what I felt this verse was saying. It is important to understand how a spiritual person perceives this verse. I do not claim any great biblical or theological knowledge. But what I do know is spirituality and the living out of faith. I may not do it perfectly – I do not believe anyone can. But what I can do is explain spirituality, its intent, purpose and practice. I do so for you beloved.

May you live out your spirituality, beloved, as God may lead you. And may you support others as they live out the spirituality that they have been called to. Selah!