A Brief Introduction & Explanation of this Site

From 2006 to 2014 A Simple Desire provided commentary to the daily scripture passages of A Sip of Scripture found on Third Way Cafe, a website created by MennoMedia. Will Fitzgerald started the blog late in February 2006.  After the first year he was joined by several other contributors. Over time however the primary task of writing came to rest on two people, Will and myself. And then . . . there was just me.

During 2014 I came to the realization that it was time for a change. Prayerfully I sought to discern what that change should be. I wanted a biblical foundation to work from, one that had both tradition and the potential for new insight. And so it was that I decided starting January 2015 to comment on the Revised Common Lectionary. However the lectionary cycle actually coincides with the liturgical church year, and that starts with Advent. So at the beginning of Advent 2014 I started commenting on the lectionary scripture passages in addition to daily scripture passages from Third Way Cafe. And as of January 2015 I wrote solely on the Revised Common Lectionary.

During the summer of 2017 I cam to realize it was time for another change. I had been maintaining two blogs, this one and another called “Pondering From the Pacific” [https://ponderingfromthepacific.wordpress.com/ ]. I decided to combine the two, and copy all of the past posts I did from January 2015 to onward to “Pondering From the Pacific”. Then the beginning of September 2017 I started letting beloved readers know they needed to switch over the the new site; I posted the opening section of each post and gave instructions and a link to the new site. As the weeks of September went by, I posted just the link to the posting that day and the encouragement to read the post there. In October I stopped posting any entries so that the transitions is complete in time for Advent of 2017. This blog will remain as a warehouse for all the posts from its beginning in 2006 to the last day posting here, which was sometime mid September.

I have been writing on religious and spiritual themes for close to 20 years now, here and other places. And I have not stopped yet, even though I am moving to another site. If what is here you have found of interest, I invite you to move with me to the other site noted above. Blessings & Shalom!

5 thoughts on “A Brief Introduction & Explanation of this Site

  1. kimzhis says:

    I, too, write on religious and spiritual themes, as its my way of preaching it back to myself, much in need of the reminders of grace and truth. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

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  2. David Heineman says:

    “For are you not trying prove, beloved, that you are a better person than the one who hurt you or slighted you or injured you in some way?” Really? Ewwww..is that really what we’re trying to prove?? I’m not sure I am better than my enemy even if I don’t act like him/her. How about the fact/motivation that we’re just trying to show the grace and love given to us by our Lord, that we ourselves never deserved either?


    • Carole Boshart says:

      David, you need to understand the context that I made my remarks in – if we are striving for revenge or vengeance which at it core I believe is trying to “one up” on someone else, yes it is that “ewwww.” But we were are trying to show grace as grace is shown to us (which you are right, we often do not deserve ) then we are not trying to prove anything, but passing along what was given to us. But in our world today, too many people are out for vengeance, revenge and retribution. Would that we could all pass on the grace from God that was given to us. Selah!


  3. David Heineman says:

    Relieved and agreed. Thanks. …blessings and Happy Thanksgiving.


  4. Many blessings to you and your work. Great day.


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